Glucose Monitor

2012 - 2013


     The Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) is a medical device designed for Type 1 diabetics to track their blood glucose level and keep within target range. As the leader designer, I was responsible for product concept development, prototype building and testing with Type 1 diabetics, and designing the product human interface.

I worked with BD’s Cogent project team and Involution Studios between July and November of 2013 to help de ne an ideal user experience for the hand-held component of the Cogent CGM (continuous glucose monitoring) device. These three teams worked collaboratively to bring a multi-disciplined approach to design problem solving: Involution’s role was focused on the on-screen interactive design and its effect on user experience, Essential’s role was focused on the physical design and its effect on user experience.


The internal BD project team took the lead on innovation strategy, market and user research activities, early mechanical engineering development, and preliminary component sourcing, as well as directing Involution’s and Essential’s contributions.

In this highly coordinated environment, Involution drove on-screen content creation, information architecture development, and the overall “digital user experience” design of the handheld device. Display size and orientation re nement incorporated inputs from explorations into the display area required to communicate various amounts of information and the space required to interact with that information ( nger size, targeting, gestural control, etc.). Involution made great strides nding the right balance of words and graphics to communicate content clearly; nding the right combination of navigation control (buttons, taps, gestures, etc.) and in structuring an information hierarchy to compose a valuable interactive offering and a desirable user experience.


Client:  Becton Dickson (BD) Diabetes 
Collaboration: Justin Cumming, Jennifer Linnane, Dhaval Karwa